back to SEGI COLLAGE .

ohhh swear so BORED wehh :(
start 14.feb.2011 practical .
hurmmm its 2month duhh !
adussss , very very very lazy .
guess why am very lazy ?
its because ...,
i must iron my "UNIFORM"  laa.
its WHITE & evryday must wash it :(
 fyza dunno to take care of her uniform , it always dirty .
hahahahah :DD

at 830am till 5pm .
okeyy  half of my day at NURSING PRACTICE SKILL LAB .
damn bored , tired , sleppy .
hmmmm ..
few of my fren go for posting at KEDAH&JOHOR .
it would be bored lol .
fyza where they POST u to ?
hehe , may be jus here .
cos before i alrdy posting at TJ.KARANG ;))

LIKE this car .

Dear SWIFT !
WHITE , my fav colour .
RED , sweet .
BLUE, cool .

YELLOW , sunshine :)

BLACK ,style .

ohh am fall in love with youu car .
hahaha :D
u r so so CUTE duhh .
when i can get this car to drive .
swear i really want to drive this car :(

luvly SIBLINGS !

HEYYAA guys ! 
meet my ADIK yg sengal+crazy+comel :)
even we always FIGHTS .
hahaha :DD


meatball .     

This moment we at THE CURVE .
"chinese new yea"
hehehe .
horey horey .

♥ blogging when am bored ;)

im intrestd in meeting sum1 lovely,caring,respectful&thnkng of making people hapy :)) 
I try not to be rude towards people .
If you don't like me, its okay.
Sumtime life can be like'ARGHHH' and yeah i already face it.
I just keep it cool,smiling & try to be myself.
If some1 out der try to understand me i appreciate it.

No one is perfect weyh!
 So, DO NOT think that yourself are perfect! (:
 Enjoy ur life. Kita hidup tak lama.
 But, explore everything that you can.
 Don't blame people for the problems you started first!
 Don't make a small matter become a big matter
Understand? But, yeah, say anything you want. It's your life.
tell me if i did anything wrong. :D
It's for our good.
Don't keep it in your heart, but then you tell someone else, Not ME.
 Let me change. (:
 It's up to you. I can be good if you are good to me.
 I can be soo bad if you are bad. 
buttt .....
Hey come on! It's 2011! ;)

missing my blogg :)

 hi pepps ! yahh its been long tym am not update my blogg :)
okeyy , what am gonna update yah ?
hurmm .,,ALRIGHT !

Bored when im SINGLE ?
is it TRUE ?
yess may be for a short while la .
We always said that when we are SINGLE ,
so we can do WHATEVER we want .
hahaha ,but ..,
the most wonderful thing is to be loved by someone we LOVE....
And the worst thing is to love someone who we don't LOVE!
I can show my love if you show me urs 1st!
If I love someone, i will love that person for life .
                           One day.., that person will step into your life, dear ;)