30oct 'sunday

Hatred moments & days :(
pack all the things then going back to "kota damansara"
hishh bencii duhh .

 ulang-ulang exam .
bosan bosan dan bosannnnnnn .
jus finish my exam then exam again .
grrrrrr !
The lecturer never tired too marks the paper meyhh ?
aiyaaa -_-"
okay , stop bubblingbubbling fyza ,
jus get ready for it .

    Notes :Seems like all my fren having their exam too .                             
                btw good luck yeah
Last year for me to join the cultural night .
awwwww its superdupergreat !
arabic ,
african ,
turkey ,
parkistan ,
chinese ,
indian ,
perfomance !
you guys very superb !!!
That night i'm wearing "punjabi" .
hehehe .
indian looks :p

notes : thanks to dearies abang for the nick name ,
            "norzufiza perri zinta" <3

my new baby BB .

yeayyy yeayy yeayyyy !
finally im using blacberry .
its was a long time i want to use it okay .
uhhh , i love it ;p

you will be my besties dear bb when i get bored .
wink* wink*